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Weekly Dinner Ideas for the End of April and May

Updated: May 2, 2022

My ongoing dinner plan has a new look! I realized that my old format was very text-heavy and unapproachable. Please let me know what you think of the changes and how I can make it even better.

A few disclaimers for those who are new:

-The main purpose of these posts is not for me to tell you what to eat, but for me to show you how I plan. Meal planning is not just about nutrition. You will notice that I do not calculate calories or macros. I simply pay attention to macronutrient balance and try to incorporate a variety of foods.

-I use this plan as a general guide for my week, but I'm not afraid to deviate from it if my plans or desires change.

-From a nutrition standpoint, I prioritize balance, color, variety, and blood sugar balance.

-My other considerations when meal planning includes taste, aesthetics, practicality, time constraints, ingredients, environmental impact, and price.

-I try to review the recipes I make the following week. Hopefully, this will provide some ideas for those looking to try something new. That being said, we all eat differently, and the recipes I choose may not be for you! Even if you don't like my choice of recipes, you can still learn from the comments I make as I plan- some weeks are more informative than others.

Newest Update: Week of Monday, May 2nd- Sunday, May 8th

This recipe is basically 100% vegetables. The protein and starchy carbs come from the chickpeas, the fat comes from the oil (I switched to avocado oil due to the high heat), and the rest is all veggies. You will definitely meet your fiber quota with this recipe. After eating it as is last night (Sunday), Jackson and I decided that it needed a little more sustenance, despite its great flavor. Jackson recommended we serve it with gnocchi and chicken sausage, so that's the plan for tonight. I'll post an update on how it goes with these changes.

Tuesday is salmon day! I had planned to make this recipe last week but decided to push it to this week. Jackson was working nights and left before dinner, so it was depressing to cook a big meal just for myself every night. I don't usually like leftover fish or meat, so I figured I'd wait until there were enough people to eat a piece of salmon fresh.

This week, I tried Thrive Market's frozen box for the first time and got a couple of pounds of sockeye salmon. I normally buy fresh salmon, so I'm not sure how I'll react to the taste difference. Has anyone else tried salmon frozen or from a subscription box like Thrive Market? I'm cautiously optimistic!

I'll serve the salmon (protein and healthy fat) with roasted potatoes (starchy/fibrous carb) and asparagus (fibrous carb/ veggie). I try to keep salmon night simple when it comes to sides! What nutrition questions do you have when it comes to salmon?

I love this recipe so much. It looks like the recipe takes a long time, but most of that time is inactive while the sweet potatoes are in the oven. Like the ratatouille, this recipe is all plants. The difference is that Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows is a seasoned vegan, and she knows how to make plant-based foods hearty and satisfying. She incorporates protein and healthy fats so that you're not hungry 2 minutes later. Black beans and sweet potatoes both act as starchy and fibrous carbs for this recipe, but there are also several non-starchy veggies adding fiber to the recipe as well. Black beans provided a great vegetarian protein source and avocado acts as a healthy fat.

This recipe is very versatile. Sometimes I'll serve it with sour cream, cashew sour cream, or Greek yogurt. Sometimes I'll add cheese, lettuce, or pico de Gallo. I essentially treat the sweet potatoes as taco shells and go from there. However, if you've never tried a stuffed sweet potato, I recommend trying the recipe as is first.

Recipe: Turkey Meatloaf (I don't make the horseradish sauce. I'm just not a horseradish fan)

After the ratatouille last night (Sunday night), Jackson requested some meat. I don't blame him. This meatloaf is comfort food, but also nutritious! It makes two loaves, so I will freeze one and he can eat it while I am out of town the next week.

I'll serve the meatloaf with steamed green beans and the rest of the bag of baby potatoes I bought to go with the salmon. Yes, we are clearly having a lot of potatoes this week...

This turkey meatloaf is listed as one of my favorite recipes. Click here to see more of my absolute favorites.

The meatloaf will make enough for leftovers AND a second frozen loaf. Yay! Chill Friday night! As for the meal composition- the turkey acts as our protein source and a great source of B vitamins. It is also rich in selenium, which is imperative for thyroid health. The oil in this recipe will act as our healthy fat, the potatoes will be both starchy and fibrous carbs and the green beans will be our non-starchy veggie, though there are others in the meatloaf itself.

I'm leaving town for a week on Saturday, so I won't be posting any recipes for those days. I'll be busy escaping Wisconsin winter-in-May, sipping pina coladas in a hot tub. Most importantly, I hope I will be able to meet my newborn niece for the first time. I'm officially an Aunt! She is the cutest little button in the world and I have to meet her in person before she grows up too fast.

Week of Monday, April 25th to Sunday, May 1st

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